Writing -More Enjoyable Than Donuts

Judy McLain
8 min readJan 11, 2019
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People who know me know that I love donuts. When I travel I want to visit the best donut shop in every town where I spend the night. When folks tell me they don’t get excited about donuts I don’t know why. Donuts are FRIED DOUGH. I think that is adequate explanation.

Generally writing is more enjoyable than donuts. I spent many years as a visual artist and part of the reason for that was that my art teacher in high school talked me into going to art school. I have never enjoyed making art as much as I enjoy writing. The little dribs and drabs of money I make here on Medium from my writing are far more satisfying than any money I ever made selling my art tiles and other hand painted ceramics. I used to make a pretty good living from selling my work at art shows, if that helps explain how much I like writing.

I ran across an article today, in which Terrye Turpin provides a list of 12 pieces she had fun writing. I love her writing and her storytelling. I relate to a lot of the stories she tells because we are both from Texas, around the same age and there are several other things we have in common. I hope anyone who reads this will use the link below to check out some of her work.

Terrye chose a dozen pieces for her article. I save dozens for donuts but I can think of ten pieces that I am both proud of and that I really enjoyed writing.

To start with a bit of history, I began writing on Medium in April of 2018. I’ve been writing since I was about eight years old. I used to write stories and read them to a row of my stuffed animals. It was my own version of playing school.

As I got older, I wrote in diaries with a page for each day and locks with small, flimsy keys. I wrote in unlined black sketch books. I took a creative writing class in high school and my teacher thought what I wrote was “weird” but she helped me with things like continuity and description. From her (Thanks Mrs. Bauer, may she rest in peace) I learned that if a character starts off bare-footed later on you cannot describe the tennis…

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