Queen of the Roller Derby

Quang Nguyen Vinh for Pexels

Ten of us travel together and each of us has two different suitcases packed with two different uniforms. One week I’m a Slammin’ Jammin’ Roller Cutie and the next a Skating Ladies of the Fight. It doesn’t surprise me that I skate better for the…

Justin Wilkins — Unsplash

There was a time when the Crescent City Connection was a single four lane bridge called the Greater New Orleans. It was high and long and I felt a panic driving over it, especially if I had to take the outer lane on the water side. …

Hinges and bone

Chris Rhodes — Unsplash.com

Geneva stood close enough to the burn barrel to feel its heat. It was a cool day and the warmth of her fire felt good enough to compel her to take off her work gloves and hold her hands up to the flames.

Her nails were a…

The downside to having a really good memory

photo of postcard from author’s collection

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve known I have a better memory than other people. It is rarely considered amazing or special. Usually, folks get mad at me for remembering what they can’t.

A great memory can frustrate those who…

Etienne Girardet for Unsplash

Resident Assistant was Rob’s dream job. He could continue on with his education, get free room and board in the nicest rooms on campus at the most sought after dorm and get paid. Not to mention the access to eighty-five of the loveliest co-eds on the East Coast.

When Rob…

Judy McLain

Shit Creek survivor. Storyteller. Feminist liberal. Southern without the accent. Chihuahuaist.

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