How a clean-out revealed my mother’s cluttered heart

Photo by Jack Bulmer for Unsplash

My siblings and I got together in 2004 for some serious conversation about our 84-year-old Mom. I went to visit her and witnessed her climbing a step-stool while holding a coffee can filled with birdseed tucked under her elbow as she reach over her second-story deck’s railing. The feeder she…

Pixabay photo

“Francene,” Peter bellowed. “ Where’s my spray bottle? Miz Penn’s cat’s on the patio again.”

If there was one thing in the world Peter Heatherington couldn’t stand was cats. The first time he saw the cat with a bird in his mouth he vowed to put out a trap for…

Judy McLain

Shit Creek survivor. Storyteller. Feminist liberal. Southern without the accent. Chihuahuaist.

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